Monday 16 April 2012

Welcome Runners!

Ever been somewhere new on holiday, vacation or business, desperate to fit in a morning run, but no idea where to go?

This blog is for those running purists who don't want to slog away on a treadmill in a dingy hotel gym.

Through work and pleasure, I have been fortunate to travel across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia in my 24 years on this planet.

The one thing I always pack without fail is my running shoes.
With my knowledge I intend to give a rough guide of the best and worst runs from each country and city either my brother or I have visited. I will provide my views on the best routes to take in sites, spectacular views and keep you interested (hopefully).

I'll also upload photos from certain points of the run to give you an idea what to expect.

To get an idea of me, I live in Suffolk in the UK and have been running seriously for around two years. What started as a weight loss initiative has become love!

Generally I run middle to long distances, anything from 5 miles to half marathons, although I have only recently begun to run competitively.

My 10K PB is 35.21 and my 5 mile PB is 28.43. I am now keen to step it up and in 2012 I will be running two half marathons and the Munich Marathon.

Hopefully this blog will save you that mind-numbing run through industrial and housing estates, parking lots and motorways!

Simply use the links on the right of the page to select the City or Country you want.

Wherever you go, make every run an experience to remember...good or bad!

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